We Can’t Wait To Worship With You! Please Remember…

Be sensitive and respectful to others as you approach them. You can do this by not assuming others feel comfortable with any physical contact outside of non-family members. You may be unconcerned about this virus, but others may be very concerned about it, so out of love and respect, let’s avoid that level of contact until this pandemic has passed.

  • If you are feeling sick in any way, we ask that you stay home and enjoy our online service at Designerschurch.com.

  • Online worship services will continue to be streamed each Sunday morning and be available on-demand all week. 

  • For on campus worship services, masks are required unless if you have a condition that prohibits you from wearing one.

Let’s Work Together to Stay Healthy



-Doors will remain open longer to allow for entry without contact.

-All high-touch surfaces will be sanitized between services. 

-Greeters and ushers will interact without contact.

-Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the facility.

-Unless they are onstage, we will strongly recommend that everyone in the sanctuary wear a mask.

-Capacity in the worship center will be reduced to allow for spacing.

-Offering boxes will be used in lieu of passing baskets. You can also give online at Designerschurch.com.

-There will be a quick, contactless temperature check completed during service check-in for kids and all volunteers.

-There will be no coffee served or water fountains available.


-If you don’t feel well or have health concerns, please stay home and join us at Designerschurch.com

-Maintain a distance of six feet between yourself and non-immediate family.

-Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often.


  • Classes will open 15 minutes prior to service and close 10 minutes after. Parents must pick up immediately following the service to allow time for sanitizing.

  • Activities will be carefully chosen to limit contact, while recognizing that distancing between children (especially young children) is not always possible. 

  • Children must be symptom-free for 24 hours, showing no signs of cough, sneezing, discharge, or flu-like symptoms unrelated to pre-existing conditions. 

  • Staff and team members will follow sanitizing and hand washing procedures. Sanitized toys will be provided for preschool children each service. 

  • All children will also be temperature-checked upon arrival.

  • Staff and team members will be temperature-checked.

  • As an added safety precaution, there will be no snacks during class. Children will be given water in disposable cups. The only exception will be bottles/food for infants 0-12 months that are included with diaper bags.

  • Parents should be diligent to teach hand-washing procedures (including washing hands for at least 20 seconds).


Designer's Church Online

For the past several months, we have been worshipping together online and we encourage you to continue to join us for Designer's Church Online if you are elderly, vulnerable, or not ready to attend a public worship service. Please do not feel wrongly for staying home and worshiping with us online. You are as much a part of this church family as anyone else. We love you and thank God for you and we want you to stay home and healthy until it is safe for you to be back in public.

Our Online services will be streaming each Sunday at 9:00 am, 11:00 am on our Facebook and YouTube. Each service includes a live chat feature. Please chat with us!  Additionally, our Kids team will continue to provide weekly online content for your kids to enjoy.